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Learn more about the persistence of nourishing food and nourishing food at the right time

  • Have you ever thought about whether what you spend money on is health or artificial additives?

    After three years of research, every failure made us move one step closer to the idea of ​​truly being kind to people, and finally succeeded in creating the only additive-free herbal enzyme on the market that has passed the top international certification of Anti Additive!

    Learn more about Anti Additive International No Additive Certification 
  • The Magic of Fermentation Why Use Chinese Herbal Medicine "Fermented Chinese Medicine Soup - Soup 醆醴"

    Fermentation has actually existed in our lives for thousands of years, it’s just whether you have discovered its existence. Fermentation can not only extend the shelf life of food but also improve its nutritional content.

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Refining the essence of herbal medicine to meet the pure mind and body

We sincerely invite you to start a wonderful day with a cup of Herbal Essence

Da Jianxing, founder of Food Nourishment and Time Nourishing

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Food Support and Time Support provides a new option for comprehensive nursing care. Be kind to yourself, take care of your family, and change, starting from now on.

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