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Fu Herbal Fermented Liquid

Fu Herbal Fermented Liquid

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◎ The first choice for nourishing after COVID-19

◎ Maintain health, regulate physiological functions, enhance physical strength, and provide nutritional supplements

◎ Mild compatibility of the compound, complete extraction, real nourishment

◎ Carefully selected high-quality herbs, exclusive essence to help, nourish and evolve

◎ Patented process fermentation technology

◎ International AA, no additives, Samsung verified, 100% natural, no additives

◎ Recommended by professional pharmacists, made in Taiwan, safe and guaranteed

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A herbal enzyme drink specially developed for modern people. It is a whole-food vegetarian enzyme that does not add any chemical ingredients, does not contain Western medicine, and has no pesticide residues. It is nourished with modern technology and has probiotics certified by the US GRAS, and one year. The above long-term and multi-level overlapping fermentation decomposes the active ingredients in plants into small molecules that are easy to absorb. It contains nearly forty kinds of medicinal and food homologous ingredients, including kudzu root, Houttuynia cordata, Poria cocos, mulberry leaves, platycodon, and loquat. The compatibility of leaves, honeysuckle, etc. can adjust the body constitution, enhance physical strength, moisten the throat, etc. It is the holy food and nourishing compound conditioning and anti-antibiotic product for modern people.

Complete ingredients

Pineapple, brown sugar, plum, brown rice bran, apple, grape, lemon, millet, roselle, monk fruit, longan, kelp, arabinose, coix seed, kudzu root, Houttuynia cordata, poria, mulberry branch, mulberry leaf, perilla, ginger , white peony root, atractylodes, platycodon, perilla seed, red date, mustard seed, loquat leaf, Ophiopogon japonicus, honeysuckle, cinnamon twig, licorice, almond, cardamom, tangerine peel, mint, Codonopsis pilosula.


1. This product contains millet and brown rice bran.
2. Pregnant women, breastfeeding women, children under six years old, and people with hypoglycemia should not drink this product.
3. If you take medicine or other products of our company, please wait 2 hours.
4. This product is a natural plant fermentation liquid. If there is sediment, it is normal. Please drink it with confidence.
5. Please finish drinking as soon as possible after opening.

Product Information

Capacity: 600ml/bottle
Recommended drinking amount: 30ml per day, before and after meals.
[Enhanced maintenance] Drink 30ml every morning and evening. Dilute it 5-7 times according to personal preference. Suitable for hot or cold.
Country of Origin: Taiwan
This product has been insured with 20 million yuan of product liability insurance. Product liability insurance number: 1733608ML000022
Food registration number: A-155820241-00000-5

vegetarian diet

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Adjust your physique and maintain complete health

Food Nutrition Shiyang adheres to the concept of no additives and persists in the pursuit of making health maintenance foods that are "truly good for the human body."

We believe that relying on the power of herbal medicine can create more new possibilities.

However, insisting on removing all chemical additives and relying only on the combination of a few ingredients cannot meet our ideals. In more than a thousand days, we have experienced countless failures and overthrows, and each failure has made us move towards what we can truly do. The idea of ​​being kind to people goes a step further.

Finally, we found the answer hidden in the wisdom of our predecessors.

Create healthy maintenance from the inside out

Don’t worry about the peak period of the epidemic and enjoy every moment of peace of mind

Following the Huangdi Neijing's compatibility of monarchs, ministers, and envoys, plus the principle of selecting ingredients from the same source of medicine and food, it uses a compound combination of Houttuynia cordata, kudzu root, honeysuckle, loquat leaves and other ingredients, coupled with modern manufacturing techniques, and uses US FDA-approved, GRAS Certified probiotic strains are fermented over a long period of time and at multiple levels for more than a year to finally refine the purest herbal compound essence.

Compound combination, complement each other

Dozens of medicinal and food homologous ingredients and an exclusive patented process, through a multi-stage bacterial growth process and beneficial nutrients produced at each stage, decompose the active ingredients in herbal plants into small molecules that are easily absorbed by the human body, and can penetrate into the body more quickly and replenish Nutrition.

  • Selected herbal ingredients such as Houttuynia cordata, kudzu root, honeysuckle, loquat leaves, etc. contain nutrients needed for health maintenance and are rich in vitamins and trace elements. They have the functions of maintaining health, adjusting body constitution, enhancing physical strength, and moisturizing the throat.

  • Thirty-seven medicinal and edible homologous ingredients and an exclusive process, through a multi-stage bacterial growth process and beneficial nutrients produced at each stage, decompose the active ingredients in herbal plants into small molecules that are easy for the human body to absorb, which can penetrate into the body more quickly and replenish Nutrition.

  • Following the material selection principle of compatibility between monarch and minister, and the origin of medicine and food, dozens of compound ingredients are used to refine the purest compound essence of herbal medicine, which can effectively help you fall asleep, keep you energetic, clear your mind, and maintain your health.

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*Test results of 50 subjects who have been using for 28 days. The information provided on this website is for consumer reference only. The effects of consumption vary according to personal physique. It is recommended that you discuss with your nutritionist or physician before consumption.

Applicable groups

  • school age children

    Children in the growing stage are more difficult to resist external threats and need to pay more attention to nutritional supplements. High-quality herbal fermentation liquid can effectively help adjust their physique and establish healthy maintenance.

  • Nutritional supplements for working people

    Through the high-quality herbal fermentation liquid, in addition to adjusting the physical constitution, it can also effectively provide nutritional supplements to better face daily challenges.

  • The first choice for nourishing after COVID-19

    During the period of COVID-19, it is the time when physiological functions are most needed to be adjusted. Through the nutritional supplement of compound herbal fermentation liquid and patented process, it can effectively help the body adjust its physique to its optimal state.

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Exclusive production process, patented fermentation

It is based on fruit fermentation liquid grown over a year ago, uses probiotic strains certified by the US GRAS as safe and without side effects, and adds dozens of "medicine and food homologous" herbal plants. The exclusive patented process can fully transform and fuse all kinds of ingredients. In addition to performing their own duties, the ingredients can also produce amazing multiplication effects.

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Peace of mind, start with nothing added

Food and Nutrition is the first additive-free herbal enzyme in Taiwan to receive the "Top Three Star Verification" from the International Anti-Additive Association.

Less is harder than more, purely healthy and without additives

While people pursue health and wellness, they also pay certain attention to food safety. There are no pesticides or heavy metal residues, and no Western medicines. These inspections are basic self-discipline requirements for the industry.

After going through the step-by-step research and development process, we found that all the problems of adapting to nature and taking nature as our teacher were naturally solved.

The most interesting part of this is that as long as you don't approach your product development according to the current food processor mindset and procedures, food safety will be safe.

International Standard Food Safety Verification

SOD-Like Antioxidant Activity Test 36090 Unit/mL
SGS has passed all safety inspections and selected probiotic strains approved by the US FDA and GRAS. The production factory has passed HACCP certification. The production factory has passed ISO 9001:2015 certification.

Ingredients are transparent, what you see is everything

Follow nature, take nature as your teacher, and do not follow the current thinking mode of food processors when nourishing food. Fruits are fruits, Chinese herbal medicines are Chinese herbal medicines, brown sugar is brown sugar, and fermentation is fermentation. We believe that with time and patience, we will eventually usher in a rich harvest. fruit.

Collapsible content

Houttuynia cordata, perilla, ginger, cinnamon twig, kudzu root.

Red dates, platycodon, mulberry branches, licorice, honeysuckle.

Atractylodes, Poria, barley, Ophiopogon japonicus, almonds, tangerine peel, mint.


Codonopsis pilosula, cardamom, loquat leaves, white peony root, mustard seeds.

Pineapple, brown sugar, plum, brown rice bran, apple, grape, lemon, millet, roselle, monk fruit, longan, kelp, arabinose, mulberry leaf, perilla seed.

Start experiencing a safe life without additives now

Step 1 Use before meals

In the initial stage of use, you can drink 30ml before breakfast and dinner to maximize the benefits.

Step 2 Continuous maintenance

After feeling the effect, reduce the consumption to 30ml before dinner to continue nourishing after illness.

common problem

Q1 What body type is suitable for drinking Fu Herbal fermented liquid?
Fu Materia Medica fermented liquid is a completely vegetarian food without adding any preservatives or stabilizers. It is suitable for drinking by any body type.

Q2 Under what circumstances is it not suitable to drink Fu Herbal fermented liquid?
People who are allergic to millet and brown rice bran, pregnant women, breastfeeding women, and those under six years old should not drink this product.
For children aged six to twelve, please reduce the amount by half (15ml). If you are taking medication or other products of our company, please wait 2 hours.

Q3 What is the best time to drink Fu·Materia fermented liquid?
There is no time limit for drinking Fu Materia Medica fermented liquid, but it is better absorbed if you drink it on an empty stomach.
You can drink it before dinner on weekdays. If you want to strengthen your maintenance, you can drink it once in the morning and before dinner every day.
Each drinking volume is 30 ml. The product comes with a small measuring cup, which can be diluted 5-7 times according to personal preference. It is suitable for hot or cold use.
If you take other Chinese and Western medicines or other products of our company, please wait more than 2 hours.

Q4 How to store the fermented liquid of Fu and Herb?
Products related to herbal fermentation liquid do not need to be refrigerated, please keep them in a cool place.

Q5 How to transport Fu-Herb fermentation liquid?
Since the related products of Materia Medica fermentation liquid are in glass bottles, they are only available for home delivery at room temperature and cannot be delivered to supermarkets. We apologize for your understanding.

Q6 Do you have a physical store?
The company currently does not have a physical store. It currently cooperates with major online channels and can be purchased according to personal needs.