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Xian Herbal Fermented Liquid Gift Box Set

Xian Herbal Fermented Liquid Gift Box Set

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A health and nutritional supplement specially designed for those who want to maintain a youthful, slim and healthy body. The compound conditioning food tonic herbal enzyme drink is a whole-food vegetarian enzyme that does not add any chemical raw materials. It is nourished with modern technology and is a probiotic certified by the United States GRAS. , as well as long-term and multi-level overlapping fermentation for more than a year, decompose the active ingredients in plants into small molecules that are easy to absorb. It contains more than 40 kinds of medicinal and food homologous ingredients, including arabinose, mulberry, Luo Han Guo, mulberry The combination of leaves, coix seed, Baishouwu, Atractylodes, Cistanche deserticola, and cassia seeds can help digestion and defecation, regulate physical functions, and promote metabolism.

◎ Helps digestion and defecation, regulates physical functions, and promotes metabolism
◎ High fermentation maintains health, mild combination and non-irritating
◎ Carefully selected high-quality herbs, exclusive essence to help, nourish and evolve
◎ Patented process fermentation technology
◎ Passed the international AA additive-free Samsung verification, 100% natural and additive-free
◎ Recommended by professional pharmacists, made in Taiwan, safe and guaranteed

Capacity: 30ml 6 pieces per serving: 30ml
Country of Origin: Taiwan
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