Da Yongqing is committed to the research and development and innovation of medicinal and edible herbal products. In particular, the process of extracting herbal compound and fermenting it is different from the vegetable and fruit enzymes and herbal enzymes generally on the market. The company can provide customers with different products according to their different needs. Customized products use the power of natural herbal fermentation to provide the nutrients the body needs to nourish the body and mind.

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Green comes from blue, and green comes from blue

Transform, integrate and harmonize the greenness of herbal medicine.
The compatibility of monarch and minister allows energy to dance, resonate and balance.

The years of youth can last forever, be healthy and prosperous.
The lush life force blooms from this.

The combination and spark of three different fields

Mr. Wu Guangguang, who once served as the executive deputy general manager of Taiwan's largest health food company, after retiring from more than 20 years of manufacturing and R&D work in Taiwan and mainland China, after a period of thinking, he has different ideas on how to have a burden-free healthy life in the future. It is better to invest in something meaningful to society than to choose to travel. Based on the fact that diet therapy is better than medication, preventive health care is better than medical treatment, so I and my friend, who were senior executives of international food companies, devoted their energy in the past ten years after retirement. Mr. Xiao Yongxiang, who researches in the medical field, proposed a discussion on how to use the medicinal and dietary herbal medicines to bring out their benefits.

A special fate meeting and Mr. Da Jianxing, who has been promoting the development of the health industry in the past, once edited the Yuanji Dance "Wu Ming Enlightenment" and served as a lecturer on sports injuries and sports health care courses in domestic universities, shared his knowledge about meridian qi and blood and medicine and food. The knowledge that the homologous Chinese herbal medicine corresponds to the regulation of physiological functions was applied to the fermentation of the herbal medicine. The three parties hit it off immediately after meeting. It turns out that everyone has the same ideas and concepts.

After the herbal compound is extracted and fermented, the medicinal liquid is converted into small molecules, thereby amplifying the efficacy. In addition, the bitter taste of the herb itself is fused with various fruit enzymes during the long-term fermentation process, and is transformed into a sour, sweet and special natural flavor.

For the sake of public health, we insist on being ourselves

Insisting on no additives, insisting on being pure and natural, insisting on high quality and health, we have no other choice but to persist. We value health more than profit. We value trust more in customers.

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