Brand story

Since the establishment of Shiyang Shiyang,
We have always believed that nature, health and sustainability are the best choices in life.

Nothing means there is

The presentation of the values ​​​​in our hearts by nourishing ourselves through food and nourishing our bodies has gone through several years. However, we have always believed that nature, health and sustainability are the best choices in life. Many truths in life can only be understood but cannot be expressed in words. Only bravery Only by facing and experiencing it can you appreciate the mystery. Teachers and friends in the course of life are a wonderful guidance process. Only those who have tasted the sweetness of the fruit can tell the taste. After knowing and then awakening, let go of all the fetters of "being" and return to the emptiness of "nothing". The natural purity is right in front of you.

We are not unique or independent; It’s just the belief that makes the difference.

To maintain health, you can eat naturally, and you can taste the original taste and nutrition of food. Healthy health food can actually be there without any additives. When you know that there is no need to add anything to your diet, you can do something about food, health and the environment. Make the best decision.

Sitting in sleepy city

For us, it is a waste of time to develop products that are the same as others. This concept and cognition also stimulates our rich imagination and creativity. Therefore, the food you see is a waste of time. Nutrition products, in fact, have experienced falls and failures again and again.

Looking back at the time when we were developing products, in order not to do what others had already done, the team would always ask themselves three questions before formulating a development plan and achieving goals:

1. Can Shiyang Shiyang’s products meet the demands and needs of consumers on the market?
2. Can we develop health-preserving foods that are truly natural, healthy, additive-free, and helpful to everyone?
3. If there is a similar product on the market, what needs does it currently meet and what needs remain unmet?

When these three issues come together, the food and nutrition team will take action.

Unique and unique

We are not only the first, we are also the only one . Only this belief allows us to persist all the way.
How can we compare it with existing products on the market?

The first step is to carefully select, inspect and clean Chinese herbal medicines with a healthy history.

The second step is to change the manufacturing process. In order to improve the quickness and sensitivity of the product, it must be consistent with the concepts of nature, health and sustainability, so we insist on no additives.
Nothing added? That means not catering to the market by adding artificial compounds, taurine, artificial flavors, colors, laxatives, excipients, etc. in order to increase the effectiveness of the product.
And how to improve the sensitivity mentioned before?
Traditional Chinese medicine, which has the same source of medicine and food, has many medicinal options for strengthening the body and beautifying the skin. Through the effective ratio of monarch, minister, adjuvant, and envoy, and then through high-concentration extraction, all the sensations, fragrances, and colors can be achieved. Comes from natural herbs.

The third step is to conduct a multi-level fusion fermentation of the highly concentrated Chinese herbal liquid extracted and the fruit enzymes that have been fermented for 540 days. After another 100 days of complete fermentation, everyone can taste the natural herbal enzyme fermentation without additives. liquid.

In order to live up to our friends who believe in us, we insist on such a strict process and long wait, in order to create the ultimate and perfect nourishing product to meet the various needs of modern people.

Subtraction turns out to be addition

Food safety control is our biggest responsibility. After going through the step-by-step research and development process, we found that all the problems of conforming to nature and taking nature as our teacher were naturally solved.
The most interesting part of this is that as long as you don't approach your product development according to the current food processor mindset and procedures, food safety will be safe.

Therefore, as long as the selection of raw materials is determined, fruits are fruits, Chinese herbal medicines are Chinese herbal medicines, brown sugar is brown sugar, fermentation is fermentation, and the rest is left to time. Waiting patiently will usher in abundant fruits, minus the unnecessary thoughts, and the addition of the product. The points will bring you unexpected surprises.

return gift to the earth

What you take from the earth should be given back to the earth. With the development of human science and technology, we have almost forgotten that we need to worship the tree head to eat fruit.

Food Nutrition follows the belief of nature, health, and sustainability, and advocates making the remaining medicinal residue after the extraction of Chinese herbal medicine into natural organic fertilizer, which can be used as gift fertilizer (fertilizer is given as a gift to Mother Earth out of respect for the earth). Give back to the earth.

The enzyme residue filtered out after the fermentation of vegetables, fruits and Chinese herbal medicines is dried and then added to the feed for raising livestock. In addition to reducing the cost of feed production and manufacturing, it can also enhance the immunity and growth of livestock. Even better, our food chain will By establishing a healthy and natural friendly cycle, we will no longer have to worry about whether chemical fertilizers are used in the food we eat, or whether the livestock raised are given too many antibiotics or growth hormones.

The overproduced fruits and vegetables each season can be converted into fermented liquid through fermentation, so that when encountering food shortages, they can be used as a source of nutritional supplements to tide over the difficulties, because the food produced through the fermentation process has a shelf life of It can be calculated by "years".

Respect God and love others, be self-interested and altruistic, do everything well, perfect every step, and solve problems wholeheartedly. Miracles will be the best gifts and the most beautiful witnesses we receive.